Holiday movie watching

     Approaching to Christmas I decided to live through the spirit of the holiday watching movies.I love this period because eveything is about Xmas,the best part of the year.I made with my mom gingerbread  formatted in pine,house,bell and moon.Yumm! During the film I had snacks:these christmas cookies and tea in my holiday mug,which I got from Santa Claus.For the better atmosphere I inflamed a “holiday“ scented candle,which is really cute. 🎄


            So,the movie I have seen was the “Winter`s Tale“,it had appeared last year in the cinemas.I loved it,it was surrounded by an ineffable beauty and by a breathtaking miracle.In the film it had been sung “Wings“ by Birdy,a very pure,nice and unsophisticated song.Best decision for a holiday movie watching.Other winter films which I like : The Chronicles of Narnia ;The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe,  Little Women,  Love Actually, New Year`s Eve,  Good luck Charlie:It`s Christmas .

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