Christmas DIY-Tinseled cones

At this time of the year I love decorating the house and to re-form and  design things over again,so I collected some pine-cones.In the stores I found decoration-sprays in different colors,but I have chosen gold.I blow off the cones and that`s all. It`s very simple in spite you can use it for many occasions.

Hope you like it!

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                 I wish you merry Christmas!May it bring you happiness,joy,love,peace and great gifts! 🎄 🎁

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Holiday movie watching

     Approaching to Christmas I decided to live through the spirit of the holiday watching movies.I love this period because eveything is about Xmas,the best part of the year.I made with my mom gingerbread  formatted in pine,house,bell and moon.Yumm! During the film I had snacks:these christmas cookies and tea in my holiday mug,which I got from Santa Claus.For the better atmosphere I inflamed a “holiday“ scented candle,which is really cute. 🎄


            So,the movie I have seen was the “Winter`s Tale“,it had appeared last year in the cinemas.I loved it,it was surrounded by an ineffable beauty and by a breathtaking miracle.In the film it had been sung “Wings“ by Birdy,a very pure,nice and unsophisticated song.Best decision for a holiday movie watching.Other winter films which I like : The Chronicles of Narnia ;The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe,  Little Women,  Love Actually, New Year`s Eve,  Good luck Charlie:It`s Christmas .

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Sunset in Vienna

Vienna is an unbelievable-beautiful city and you can always discover new fascinating things when you go there.Amid the day is perfect to visit the city,but when the sun is going down you have to stop a little bit and take delight in the sunset.Just enjoy it!Take aside the daily problems!

These pictures were taken at a tributary of the Danube near the center if Vienna.In this tributary are plying the tourist boats too and there is a platfrom with a restaurant with a great view.Beside the streaming are are sitting places, public houses and pedestrian ways.On the walls are lively and colourful grafitties.



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Winter outfits ❄

                          The winter is upon us ,so I`ve decided to make a post attached to this winter`s trends.It was no matter of choice ,because I think every woman has to buy new clothes each season.                                                                                                                                                                                               

                           ❄  My first look is inspired a bit from the country/wild west style,only the thermos   and the coat made it to look like a high society  woman`s outfit. I think the thermos is one of those peanuts,details  which can draw the attention on you.The knitted turtleneck blouses  are very popular this winter.Look out! if you have a short  neck it`s a bad idea.The leather oversized tote is also a good choice.For this look I have chosen this coin charms engraved necklace ,because i think it goes well with this west wave  and with a negligent thought I have chosen this grey wool hat.The sequins can be also beautiful decorating parts of the sweatshirts and pullovers.kkkkk               

This look`s main piece was this patterned cotton knitted jumper,because the sixties prints and the argyle sweaters made their big return this year.This sheepskin  satchel made it more nordic.The accesories are special in my opinion.The black leather loafer is edgy and chic.


I think one of this winter most haves are the parkas (which can be brown or khaki )because of the military penchants,which is  ruler this winter.Even if I haven`t used the militery green it`s witnessed in the fashion shows its  greatness.As at my first look  I used  ankle boots,because  I love them way much than the high knee (lace-up) boots.That burberry ‘House check’ scarf is a big classic.The milkshake fluffy sweatshirt and that frame bag with the faux fur make this outfit to look comfy and cosy.This will keep you warm during the cold days.


I hope you like them! Get ready and shop hard!

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